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There is no such thing as a small loss. Every claim gets the same attention to detail.

At Eaton Capital Management, there is no such thing as a small loss. Every claim gets the same attention to detail.

Our Daily Claims service extends our renowned Catastrophe services to everyday loss events across the U.S., for both commercial and personal losses. We deliver excellence in on-site inspections and claim handling through:

  • Highly training and skilled adjusters, based on client-specified certifications, ensure the best adjuster for the job.
  • Adjusters equipped with the latest training and mobile technology help reduce claim cycle times.
  • Management review of every claim processed ensures quality.
  • Sophisticated technologies provide real-time visibility of entire process.
  • Modular services mean customized solutions.
  • Communication and transparency: we’re an extension of the carriers we serve.

Let Eaton Capital Management handle your Daily Claims with the same quality and efficiency with which we handle catastrophes, with integrity, accuracy, and excellence.

Contact us to learn more at toll free 888-507-9308

What Have We Handled?

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes: Wardlaw is one of only a few companies approved to teach CEA Certifications.
  • Tornados
  • Wildfires
  • Wind, Hail, and Ice Storms
  • Explosions

By focusing on reducing cycle time without sacrificing claim accuracy, we have successfully handled everything from multi-year claims such as those associated with the Loma Prieta and Northridge earthquakes, to smaller scale events with local or regional impact.

Eaton Capital Management knows a thing or two about scaling staff based on the severity of an event:

  • Thousands of trained and certified adjusters are deployment-ready when and where needed.
  • The breadth and depth of the adjusters on our roster enables staffing of multiple events at the same time.
  • The latest training and mobile technology enable our adjusters to quickly and accurately serve our carriers, and by extension, policyholders.

History of Excellence

  • Almost $3 billion in losses 
  • More than one million claims processed 
  • Using technology to serve our customers with integrity, accuracy and excellence

Eaton Capital Management also leads the industry in quality assurance efforts:

Our low adjusters-to-managers ratio ensures our managers QA every claim before it is released back to the carrier.
Advanced mobile and database technologies enable rapid and accurate claim handling.