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Our specialized financial services will help your association balance the books and make sure your vendors get paid in a timely manner.

As manager, we will obtain as necessary competitive bids for all insurance coverage required by the Association Declarations, this Agreement, or by order of the Board of Directors as early as possible prior to the expiration of any current insurance policy. We will analyze the bids and recommend a selection to the Board of Directors. As manager, we will purchase such insurance as directed by the Board of Directors. As manager, we will file claims if the Association is entitled to any reimbursement for expenses. If the claim is filed on behalf of the Association, the Manager will provide all documentation to the insurance carrier. If the claim is filed on behalf of an owner, the owner shall provide the Manager with documentation of all expenses to be reimbursed.

Insurance policies

We maintain records of all persons who owe money to the Association and issue monthly statements to delinquent owners. Further collections will be directed as per Association Policy and direction.

Soft collection

Eaton Capital Management Group will obtain as necessary a minimum of three competitive bids for the performance of any service or series of services valued in excess of $1,000.00

Oversee Contractor Bids

Subject to the availability of Association funds, the Manager will make all disbursements of Association funds necessary to discharge any obligations of the Association in a timely manner.  All disbursements shall be made directly from the Association’s checking account. The Manager will make any discretionary expenditure less than $1,000.00.

Disbursements to vendors

We prepare recommended operating and capital budgets in the fall of each year and will submit them to the Board of Directors for consideration and Board approval.

Annual budgets
and forecasts

We establish accounts as appropriate for the prudent management of cash. The Manager will in a timely manner deposit any cash receipts of the Association into the Association’s primary checking account. The Board of Directors may direct the Manager in the investment of any excess funds from the primary checking account.

Receipts and deposit

We maintain topical files, receipts/copies, paid invoices, monthly financials, filing of yearly taxes, assist in audits, etc.

and financial reporting